1. For cutting PC boards, plastic sheets, acrylic sheets,
fiberboards, and wooden boards.
2. Constructed of aluminum alloy, the auxiliary frame is
collapsible and spaceless.
3. The saw blade can move automatically for cutting operation, feed
speed can be adjusted.
4. The patented safety lid can automatically ascend or descend
along with workpieces under processing.
5. Internal sawdust suction & storage equipment.
6. Special, lengthened models can be made according to custom orders.
7. Air compressor rack using linear slider
8. Tripod can fine-tune the high and low levels.
9. This machine is patents pending (any infringements prohibited).
10. Picture for reference only, shipping mainly the real machine.

  • WeightĄG70.2 KGS
  • MotorĄG2.5 HP
  • SpeedsĄG7500 rpm
  • Saw Blade Diameter: 195 mm (8”)
  • Cut ThicknessĄG50 mm
  • Micro-adjusted feedingd.